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How to Start Manifesting Abundance Today with Citrine Crystals

When we align ourselves with our true desires, we create an energetic field that attracts more of what we want. One way to do this is by using crystals. Citrine can be used for manifestation because it helps us release fear and self-doubt which are often blocking us from receiving all the good in life. Citrine has a beautiful warm yellow color which helps promote feelings of happiness, joy, confidence and success. It also strengthens self-esteem and enables us to feel safer and more secure in our own lives as well as being able to take care of ourselves better without needing someone else's help or approval first. The vibration from these crystals will fill up any area they're placed in so that the entire space becomes imbued with their powerful properties!  

1.  Align the body to receive. That means relaxing all the tense muscles and let go of worry. 

body alignment for receiving abundance

A lot of people think that abundance is about money. The truth is, it's not just what you have in your bank account, but also how you feel and experience life on a daily basis. It's the feeling of being connected to something larger than yourself and being able to do what you love. For some people, manifesting abundance can be difficult because they don't know where to start or find themselves stuck in negative thought loops. In my blog post I'll share with you how I use citrine crystals every day for manifesting abundance by:
-Clearing away any blocks around prosperity -Setting intentions for personal growth and success -Creating affirmations that reflect my desires

2. Using water and the Citrine Cleanse Organic Bar Soap in a soothing shower can start the process of removing the blocks. This Vegan Soap is gentle and opening to the senses with citrus and infused with crystal energy that allows your body to open up to divine abundance. 

Citrine Cleanse - Organic Abundance Soap Bar

3. Hold your citrine crystal. It's a misnomer that the bigger the more abundance. It's okay to start small. It's there to work with you not for you. The abundant energy of the Citrine is more powerful than you know. 

4. You can also fill the bath with soothing warm water to set the intention and begin to open to abundance. Adding our bath crystal to soothe stressed worried muscles can aid in the opening process or pour our citrine infused bath soak into the bath and soak in the abundance of the life giving energy of water. 

5. Set intentions before going to bed at night by visual. Citrine is the stone of abundance and manifestation. It can help you to focus on what you want, manifesting it in your life with more ease. Use citrine when trying to manifest things like money, health, relationships, creativity or self-esteem. You don't need a lot of citrine to do this. Just the small amount, openness and being ready to receive. 

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