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4 questions that help us shop more mindfully, with a minimalist mindset.

In the Hidden Forest we want to live out our values from the products we produce to the ones we purchase. As we have aligned with this we recognize that everyday we have product purchasing choices to make and every purchase we choose to align with the value of mindful minimalism.

From which lettuce type and brand fills our dinner plates to clothing to cover our bodies. Since everything is readily available on-line it's easy to get distracted or overwhelmed by choices and wants vs necessity. I speak to this from my own buying experiences, even with an intention there are times I want to stop searching for the perfect natural fiber dress and just get the one that suits my style preferences the most. 

But after a year of teeter on this feeling, I've come upon a solution of how to move through making a purchase that aligns with my values of honoring nature and filing a need, such a a skin care item home good. 

 It starts with a 4 second pause to reflect on the item in front of us physically or on our screen, the 4 questions:

1. What purpose does this product serve in my life?

2. How long will I use or need this product?

3. How long will this product last to suit my needs (especially clothes and the fiber types)

4. What will I do with this product when I am no longer in need of it, or how will it effect the natural world when I am done with it?

Once I have answered these questions with an understanding if the product aligns with my values I am able to make a quick decision and then move on. Purchasing is no longer a long anxiety inducing process because minimalism weeds out so many potential purchases do not fit within the desire to have less and care for our natural world. 

If you give this technique a try or have your own, share it with our growing community. We want to spread ideas and heal the planet. 

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