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How Beauty Companies Can Help Heal The Earth

When is the last time you felt connected to nature? Maybe it was a walk in the woods, or gazing at the ocean? 

The way these naturally beautiful place make us feel is something magical. They remind of of what we are connected to, and a part of. We are drawn to it because WE are nature..
It's incredible to think that as we participate in the natural world as humans, we have the power to change the way the natural world looks around us. From a planting a garden or picking up piece of litter on the ground.

The sight of trash on a nature trail never fails to leave us felling let down by our own kind. So how do we not just keep trash off of nature trails, rivers and oceans but just reduce waste in general?
Zero Waste Sustainable Serum
For Hidden Forest products I decided to find products that honor re-use ability and biodegradability. 

Now that Hidden Forest Naturals is going full circle sustainable - we made the switch from a plastic pump for our Morning Dew bottle to a glass and rubber dropper. For our toners we switched to toppers made with metal while the sprayer and tube is plastic - we hope to have infinitely recyclable aluminum refillables for our toners so you can simply re-use the top and bottle. 

 There is nothing more important right now than leaving a positive legacy for our planet and giving other species a chance to regenerate. We will keep working towards the best solutions possible so self care spreads to planet care. 

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