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Doing Good for the Earth In Beauty


Have you been in the wild lately? Meaning - a trail hike, a walk in the woods, or pasture, or a visit to a local lake, mountain or river? 

These places and moments in them feel like something special - everytime we go. We are naturally drawn to the outdoors because WE are part of the outdoors...even though we feel like we are insulated or separate from them. 

It's incredible to think that as we participate in living, we also change, and re-structure the way the wild natural world looks around us. From a piece of litter on the ground, to mowing a field to be grass over a meadow. 

How do we make these choices? What makes us grow grass over trees? 

How do we decide to keep trash out of rivers, but make plenty for a place we deemed a landfill (that used to be a natural place) - FULL of garbage? 
Zero Waste Sustainable Serum
I keep searching for the best eco-alternatives for you to make the swaps, because I am obsessed! I love the natural fibers, the plastic reduction, and the planet getting a break. See the newest below :)

This morning I went into the forest and hiked with the crew, and had time to take amazing photos of the new Hidden Forest Naturals packaging.

Now that Hidden Forest Naturals is going full circle sustainable - I switched the Morning Dew bottle to have a glass and rubber dropper. The necks of the toners are made with metal, and still have the sprayer and tube as plastic - but with the passion I have behind re-fills, I look to launch the bio refil pouches by October!!! 

This is huge for me, and all of us. There is nothing more important to me right now than leaving a positive impact on the planet. 

Thank you for joining me! 


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