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How to Heal Inflamed Acne & Dry Skin With Arnica and Willow Bark

Arnica and Willow Bark are two plants that have been used for centuries to address inflammation. Arnica is a flowering plant from the sunflower family, while willow bark comes from the willow tree family. Both plants are rich in anti inflammatory properties which can help with pain relief, circulation, and tissue repair. Today I'm sharing the ways that arnica and willow bark can be used in order to reduce inflammation while simultaneously promoting healing for the skin on any part of the body.

The Benefits Arnica and Willow Bark for Painful Dry or Inflamed Skin

Arnica or Arnica Montana and Willow Bark Extract are amazing botanicals used in Holistic remedies for bruising and pimple spot treatments. Both come in forms for topical and internal use. But how do these two ingredients work to actually help the skin concerns?

Wether we live in a dry climate or have chronic dry skin from auto-immune issues we often seek relief for the dryness by putting on A LOT of lotion or a balm with beeswax for a barrier. Many of them can band aid the issue but don't actually aid in healing it. 

Inflammation is a growing epidemic for millions and on the skin it can feel exceptionally painful because it's exposed to being touched and bumped. One example are those painful pimples or a dry red rash from an inflammatory response. I can first hand share that my hands and knuckles can get incredibly sensitive from a condition called Raynauds where there is painful red swelling around the joints and finger tips that leads to cracked skin. It feels horrible.


Willow Bark Extract come from the willow trees and contains not only anti inflammatory properties, but has the added benefit of being anti bacterial containing a rich supply of salicin, a high concentrations of tannins, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and other minerals that help calm the skin and aid in cell regeneration. 


Arnica is a daisy like flower from the Sunflower family that contains two important  properties called helenalin and dihyrdohelenalin. These chemicals may modify the action of immune cells, kill bacteria, reduce the activity of blood cells that cause inflammation. It's powerful even when diluted for safe use in skin care blends and is crazy effective for healing painful swelling. 


When Arnica and Willow bark are blended together you get a radical team working with their anti-inflammatory and anti-with skin restorative oils and botanical butters like coca butter they make an incredible inflammation fighting team to help HEAL not just cover the painful skin condition. 

For our skin care made in the Hidden Forest Willow Bark is found in our Acne healing CALM Toner  and EVENING CALM Serum because it's so amazing at soothing painful redness and reducing bacteria. 


Arnica & Willow Bark are also found in our dry skin healing (not just soothing) MORNING DEW 2 in 1 Healing Serum and THE BALM all over healing moisturizure. 

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