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3 important natural necessities for your sweet baby & your body

Mama Baby Care


The weather had changed from warm to cloudy and stormy in the last thirty minutes before she arrived. It was 7:45pm when the midwife helped me pull my new baby girl up to my bare chest for the first time to hold while I cried with joy, and relief. She was here, as if she brought the weather with her to show her powerful force of love, and I was holding this dear little life who simply cooed once gently and then snuggled straight into my breast. 

I felt her warmth and watched her sleep while tears streamed down my cheeks. As I held her and timidly offered my breast for nourishment the first time, the pain of afterbirth set in. The reality of needing support for my body became real, especially after 48 hours without any nipple balm and seeing my little one's dry skin after her first bath in natural soap. I went on a search for quality mama and baby care.  In 2010 finding completely reliable and effective natural baby and mama care was a lot more difficult, I pieced together a few natural brands in hopes of solving the dry skin and cracked nipples, but they were still lacking. Her skin was dry and my nipples were not healing. 

New mamas know that time and mental space is limited in searching for personal care, so I wanted to list the top three necessities all from the same company and all incredibly effective at serving the needs of mamas to be and for after care. After a lot of searching, I discovered the brand Among the Flowers and their very thoughtfully chosen mama and baby line. 

1. Belly Balm - 

As my belly was growing in the months before birth I had wanted a special butter or balm for my bump, because somehow it can be very itchy as the skin stretches to make room. Even after birth the simple and effective Blooming Belly Balm from this line is great for my stretch marks and loving my body and breasts. For first time mothers a belly balm is a necessity to soothe this feeling that can wake you up at night, and leave you mindlessly scratching at your tightening skin. The shea butter conditions the skin and aids in elasticity. 




2. Breast Salve - 

After the first 48 hours of trying to nurse through a lot of piercing pain, my nipples and breasts were tired and sore. This balm can be a much better option than Lanolin since it isn't made from sheep skin oil. Instead, the creators made it from naturally soothing bees wax, coconut oil, rice bran oil and chamomile. All baby nursing safe and natural. Being able to use something this natural is reassuring when your nipples are cracked and you are desperate for healing. I also recommend putting a little on your lips when you feel dehydrated from nursing.


3.  Calming Baby Balm -

Many new mothers arrive at the same problem I did. A babe with dry skin and diaper rash. I went through many store purchases that solved the issue for an hour but her skin would dry out again and the diaper rash would return after one change. This Calming Balm is so nourishing and baby safe. With herb infused rice bran oil its non-greasy, and beeswax to protect and act as a moisture barrier then chamomile for soothing irritated skin.

A good balm for those cheeks, bottom, arms and knees is a necessity to keep baby comfortable in clothes and diapers all day as fibers can rub and diapers can leave irritation.

Keeping everyone comfortable and soothed at this new time when there is a lot of learning, fatigue and crying for both mom and baby is important as reading those nursing books and getting good nutrition. Honestly anything that could serve that purpose and take the guess work out of what to buy feels like a necessity. 


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