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Why did we put a Labia Safe Icon on our Packaging?

Labia Safe - is on our packaging because it simply needs to be stated. Women simply need to be able to trust and identify products we can trust to take care of our WHOLE body rather than leave us in discomfort and once again regretting the attempt to feel nurtured and restored. The ritual of taking a long, hot bath at the end of a tiring day feels like the ultimate luxury for being restored before sleep. So often we experience the consequence of adding a soak or bath bomb to what is meant to be a relaxation ritual. Finally understanding ingredients like SLS, other foaming agents, or synthetic fragrances can end this much needed respite into an experience with a most un-savory after burn in the most literal sense. 

labia safe icon - on the product label

Many women have given up on bath bomb, bubble baths and other products because of the infections and UTI's that seem to sneak up out of no where. It should never be this way. Our Sacred Labia deserves better! Indeed, while these alluring products fill our baths with luscious scents and mesmerizing colors that draw us in and are marketed to create a calming atmosphere like no other, their ingredients could pose potential problems for those with sensitive skin - particularly on more delicate areas such as the labia area. 

As the magic unfolds in the Hidden Forest workshop, of formulating and designing each bath bomb, the focus on soothing and non-irritating ingredients is paramount. Even the essential oil blends are carefully balanced to ensure that every bath is one that is ended with the divine discovery that the whole body is nourished and completely soothed. This issue of discomfort and irritated skin in our most delicate places is very personal to so many of us, who gave up on baths or any bath product completely because of the dire consequences after. 


As conversations around feminine health become more commonplace, we believe it's time to speak up and make a bold statement. That is why our packaging features the Labia Safe Icon - an eye-catching symbol of comfort, education and openness when discussing home body care needs with loved ones. It all started when one customer posted just the icon on Reddit – resulting in countless husbands & boyfriends expressing their remorse for giving bath products that caused itching or burning sensations leading to doctor visits!

Hidden Forest Labia Safe bath bomb

We hope that by offering our labia safe products we can inspire others in the industry to meet this standard as well. Until then, when you are choosing your next bath bomb or other product, look for the labia safe icon and know that you are choosing a quality product from a company who cares about your safety and comfort.

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