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Recognizing Your Wounds: The First Step in Healing

If you want to heal your wounds, the first step is recognizing that you have them. This can be difficult, especially if you've been living with your wounds for a long time. But once you're able to see your wounds for what they are, you can start the process of healing them.

There are two types of wounds: those on your body and those in your spirit. Let's start with the former the visible wounds on the body. Caring for a cut, bruise or nick with the right botanicals can make all the difference in how quickly you heal and not leaving a scar. For example, arnica is a botanical that's often used to wounds and inflammation? But did you know that it can also be used to heal cuts and bruises? The next time you get a cut or bruise, try applying some of The Healer to it which has arnica, cocoa butter, aloe and willow bark in it. You will be surprised at how quickly it heals! I'll share the lotion that has all of this at the end, but first let's focus on the spiritual wounds.

 These are often much more difficult to deal with because they're not physical. They're emotional or mental wounds that we've been carrying around for a long time. These wounds can be just as damaging as physical ones, if not more so. That's why it's so important to recognize them and start dealing with them. Otherwise, they'll continue to fester and cause problems in our lives. Talk therapy may not have helped in the past but there are many amazing ways you can care for yourself, that will begin to heal these spaces and give you a sense of relief. 

One way to start dealing with your spiritual wounds is by journaling about them. I use the Thought Diary App, which utilizes CBT techniques and guides your through how you are feeling, and what is going on in your mental space. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you to process them and start working through them.

Another way is to make yourself a sanctuary space in your home. Marie Kondo It can be a space in a room, or an entire room. Just be sure that this space allows you to feel at ease, calm, and is entirely uncluttered. Mine has my favorite Crystal in it, Sage, a singing bowl and a few candles and really important for me is a thick blanket to lay on, snuggle up with or drape around me. 

- Marie Kondo 

Healing your wounds is a journey that starts with recognition. Once you're able to see your wounds for what they are, you can begin the process of healing them. This might mean journaling about your spiritual wounds or caring for your physical wounds with botanicals. Either way, the most important thing is taking that first step.

For external wounds, this cream is 100% safe to apply over bruises, cuts, and inflamed skin our favorite as one of the most effective multipurpose creams we have ever used. Of course we are biased ;)

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