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Try These 3 Forgotten Ways to Improve Your Dry Skin Forever

I had dry skin. Then I had a baby, and what I thought was dry skin was now feeling like the Sahara desert.


Since I didn't want to feel or looks like a worn out paper bag, I needed something more than my go-to jojoba oil fix all, I hoped I wouldn't need to go down the road of pricey serums or treatments to help it. Of course, I had spent countless hours researching ingredients and standing in isles of natural food stores assessing the efficacy of a product on the back of my hands...(note to self: the skin on the back of the hands is not a good way to judge how a product will perform on your face) In an effort to not have a counter full of products I would buy one at a time and give it a few weeks to miraculously cha

What I didn't investigate was my gut health, my stress levels, or the pH of my skin and body. Amazingly these three things were contributing to my dry skin on a cellular health level. In short, it almost didn't matter what I put on my skin, my body was depleted. 

Dry skin effects about 50% of those over 30 and increases as we age, especially those of us who have underlying health conditions. 

When I finally plopped down in the chair of my functional MD after she tested my urine - the first news she shared with me was surprising. My internal pH was too acidic. My gut was not absorbing minerals, and I was not getting enough fat in my diet or on my skin. 

These Three Things are easily forgotten in the search for perfect skin. Especially when it has to do with pH. It's not something we spend much time considering on or in our bodies. Using fatty oil in our diet has become more popular, but on our skin has been harder for the beauty industry to explain, because even the words fat and oils makes most of us break out in hives from anxiety. 

Deep breath, here is the three forgotten facts that will improve and save your skin. 

1.Your Gut Health Is The First Step to Healthier Skin - 


Adaptogens, Antioxidants, and Fats

The focus on our gut is more around how much flab we see over, how healthy our stomach feels when we are digesting and at rest. Is it burning, cramping, or bloated? New studies show up to 74% of adults struggle with digestive issues. If that isn't functioning well, all that healthy food you are eating isn't going to your cells and helping them regenerate the way they need to. 

Two years ago I started taking adaptogens, to support my adrenals and stress levels and it also allowed my gut to be more at ease, because adaptogens allow your body to handle the spikes in cortisol that we often experience regularly throughout the day due to deadlines, work expectations, and worry. The pH in my body was off so I also had to think about alkaline water, and less acidic foods. TMI...but I'm going to share anyway, you can test your urine for your body pH daily to see if it needs a shift. If you are a coffee and chocolate lover like me then you likely have an acidic pH. 

On the surface, your skin wants the 5.5 pH so using toner with a slightly acidic pH is essential to aiding in reducing the dry tight feeling of dry skin. 

As I worked on those pieces of the puzzle, my body almost instantly responded with a sigh of relief. My gut stopped burning, my skin started looking less sallow and needed far less moisturizing. 

2. Antioxidants are key to healthy skin cells, in your skin care and in your supplements. 

The second step was Antioxidants - things like cranberry, blueberry, chlorella, and vitamin C were huge in changing my skin, as they were helping re-boot my worn down immune system that had left my skin looking papery and sallow before I introduced these. 

Over the next few months I saw difference in my skin finally having some rosy color back to it, and my body felt more nourished as well., because I had adequate levels of Vitamin C working to block free radicals.

3. Vegan Fatty Oils Can Feed Your Body and Skin

Getting healthy fat in your diet is a good way to care for your skin and your body because your cell need them to fully form a healthy sheathe to protect them. When healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, or sesame oils are eaten, they are absorbed and used to build the cells. When you are applying topically it absorbs into the skin and also nourishes the cells by plumping them. When I wanted the finally boost for glowing skin, I started eating my avocados (maybe too much guacamole my best friend would say) and I put them into my sacred skin care serum Morning Dew.


Your facial skin LOVES oils like Baobab a rich fatty oil from a tree in South Africa, Jojoba Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed and Camellia oils. Don't be afraid of being "Oily" Because these oils are so good and absorb well in to very dry skin. They work to protect your skin as well as build up healthier cells. 

These forgotten yet effective ways can be implemented slowly, and tried one at a time so you can get a feel for what your skin needs the most. I love to take the scientific approach and see what is working after four weeks and what isn't...take notes, and then see if it's worth the effort or leaving on the shelf. 

Here is to healthier skin, and a healthier body...and no more Saraharan Desert on our faces. 




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