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Sustainable Zero Waste Dental Care

Every six months we brush our teeth extra well before bed, and floss for the first time in weeks, and then we head to our cleaning with our fingers crossed that we won't get caught for not taking care of our gums, or there will be that cavity we were hoping wouldn't show up. 

Part of that dental visit always involves a little plastic bag with your dental essentials. A plastic toothbrush, crest toothpaste and a tiny travel floss in the square plastic container. 

When I discovered Nadine Artemis of Living Libations and her holistic dental care ritual after struggling with a growing cavity problem, I was surprised at how quickly my teeth and cavity issues disappeared. Once I started the ritual and using their Happy Gum Drops and her suggested baking soda and salt rinse my mouth had a whole new life to it, feeling truly clean and refreshed. 

This change also made me investigate the other products I was using, including the small roll of floss I would buy every month with the plastic packaging, and the toothbrush I was using. 

First - I replaced the disposable plastic toothbrush with beautiful and biodegradable bamboo. They feel like they do a better job at cleaning and you can toss them when they finally wear out, and know they will biodegrade. But I still needed to find a floss solution. 

And good floss wasn't easy to find sans plastic. 

I have been so excited about zero waste, yet my floss, albeit "clean and vegan", was not plastic free.
The Flossy, zero waste, refillable floss.
Enter The Flossy. A little glass bottle with a metal top, and the tiny opening just right for dispensing and breaking off a length like the fancy little plastic ones you get at the dentist, but way way cooler, because this bottle can be refilled! 

I searched for the perfect replacement, because, let's be honest, who can live without the tab that lets you break the string at just the right length? Since I love caring for my teeth and I love keeping the planet healthy with it, I had to bring this essential into the shop to fill the gap for all of us. 
Sustainable, plastic free floss.
One million less non-biodegradable empty plastic floss containers will enter the landfill thanks to this simple and perfect solution to a dental hygine need that can be completely plastic free, and re-fillable! 

Keep those teeth clean friends, and the earth healthy!


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