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Hidden Forest Naturals

Sacred Ground Cleanser and Mask - 1 oz

$ 12.00

Sacred Ground with theo cocao and clay  is your face wash and mask, with seven super foods. This small version of our classic Sacred Ground 4 oz is travel friendly and gives you over a weeks worth of uses for Am + Pm


GOOD FOR - All Skin Types in need of balancing and repair. 

TOTALLY PURE - With only 7 botanical high antioxidant ingredients. 

CONSCIOUS - Made with Organic, Fair Trade Ingredients.

Nourish your skin back to health. This skin fixer is a a high antioxidant superfood treat for your skin that is 100% natural. It's a daily face wash + mask that will leave it silky soft and happy. The ingredients were chosen with care to balance the skin with it's honey and tulsi holy basil, immune boosting and antioxidant packed ingredients of elderberry and cacao, hydrating and soothing from the coconut milk powder. It will bring your skin new life with it's restorative ingredients. The best part is when it's activated it smells like dessert.

An exclusive handcrafted in North Carolina.

How To Use


Daily Face Wash - Mix 1 tsp of THEO powder with water until it makes a paste. Apply to the skin and rinse with water.

MASK - Mix 1 Tbsp of THEO into a small dish. Apply to the skin in a circular motion. Let it set for 20 minutes while you dream of all your decadent dreams. Rinse and feel radiant.


Organic Raw Cacao*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Honey Powder*, Moroccan Red Clay, Elderberry, Tulsi, Vanilla. *organic

Product Size

1 oz 

Sacred Ground Cleanser and Mask - 1 oz

$ 12.00