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Hidden Forest

New Moon in Gemini Ritual Bath Kit * June 2023

$ 24.00


New Moon Rituals can be transformative as a time to set intentions, invite transformation and evolve with the cycles of our beautiful moon.  This kit has been prepared to guide you into the rhythm of this beautiful evening, to honor your body and desires.  June 17th 2023 brings the New Moon in Gemini.  Experience profound insight, meaningful engagement and the calming effects of being at one with nature through this sacred bath ritual. Filled with wisdom and full of potential, this moment is perfect for planting the seeds of intention to manifest throughout the upcoming moon cycle.

(available May 27th - June 10th to arrive in time for the June17/18 New Moon)

Ritual Kit Includes:

Oil Anointed Gold Foil Candle

Gently set your New Moon intentions. Light the candle and carefully place it on a heat-proof dish near the bath as you fill it with warm water to soak in.

New Moon Bath Bomb

Let the calming aromas of Lavender, Lemon and Fennel essential oils envelop you as you light your candle and prepare your bath. Sink into the warmth of the water and allow the bath bomb to bring an empowering, transformative experience. Consider the ways you can show yourself respect while embracing your journey of change to create the life of your dreams.

Selenite Wand 

This wand is an essential tool for channeling divine energy and activating spiritual balance. Its calming vibrations can help to transport you to a more meditative and relaxed state.

New Moon Intentions Card & Reflection

Focus on your wellbeing and set meaningful intentions with the included New Moon Intentions Card and Reflection. Review your goals for the cycle and empower yourself to take inspired action to enjoy the magic unfolding all around you.


New Moon in Gemini Ritual Bath Kit * June 2023

$ 24.00