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Hidden Forest Naturals

All Body Hydration Oil 2oz

$ 19.82

Magical wonder of a body oil that is light and yet crazy hydrating. 

This manifested blend has potent and remarkable ingredients from the humble chia seed to the mysterious Sacha Inchi oil seed oil from the forest of the Amazon.

The scent comes from essential oils carefully enfolded with intention to leave you with the memory of a spring afternoon after a fresh rain.  

The magic comes from how quickly it absorbed and little you need to envelope the whole body in the beauty and delight of this dry oil that never leaves you feeling oily. 


 MCT . camellia seed oil . meadow foam . flax oil. Rose hip oil . Sacha inchi oil . grape seed oil . safflower oil . proprietary blend of essential oils 

All Body Hydration Oil 2oz

$ 19.82