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The Process of Five

Pure and Safe Beauty is our goal for our people and the planet.

We use the rule of five for check points in our Pure Product research.

1 Rigorous Screening - We read the labels for you. Check the ingredients and run them through two databases. EWG SKIN DEEP and THINK DIRTYBoth have smart phone apps that can be downloaded and used to scan products in your bathroom and cosmetics bag. All you need is a barcode, or you can search ingredients. Look for their ratings in our store. 


2 The No List - Banning The Dirty Ingredients. See the Dirty 30 from Teens Turning 

3 Responsibly Sourced - We believe in cruelty free cosmetics. Sustainable sourced ingredients. Recyclable & Recycled packaging. Plant Sourced, Natural and Organic Ingredients. We love our planet and are 1% for the Planet Supporters. 

4 Pure Transparency - The companies we carry need to have transparency for the safety of our customers. We believe having the facts about the ingredients in our products and sharing them with you. 

5  Get Educated - We are always learning about the new ingredients and what they mean to our health and wellness. We have partnered with Think Dirty Shop Clean and research through Environmental Working Groups Data Base Skin Deep. There are data gaps in the thousands of ingredients listed, and it's important to us to understand them. Because cosmetics are unregulated to this day, we have to keep our pencils sharp and our notebooks out.