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Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care

From Josh - 


 The skin, like the body, has the extraordinary ability to heal itself. Our job is to facilitate that regenerative process and administer the right natural elements to increase, support and accelerate that incredible transformation for your ultimate luminosity, vitality and health.

 Always remember the body is natural, and the original source of nutrients and oils necessary for body, skin, hair and scalp regeneration are found in nature: plants, herbs, nuts, fruits, seeds, stems, leaves and flowers. These contain the phytonutrients that share distinct molecular and structural similarities, and have the same natural regenerative abilities as the oils and nutrients in the body. This likeness of biochemistry, or bio-match, has a natural vibrational alignment and activates the regenerative cellular process in the body that safely and effectively regenerates, heals, nourishes and protects our skin, scalp and hair.

 Inflammation is the body’s natural response to incoming bacteria, pathogens or microbes. In order for the skin to begin it's own natural healing process, it must be calmed with soothing anti-inflammatories. Then the skin can begin rejuvenating, building back cellular structure while restoring its natural balance and defense processes. Antioxidants are also needed to stop cellular destruction while igniting the production of collagen and elastin — the very essence of skin structure that makes it appear plump