Pai Instant Calm Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Tonic

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Before trying Pai’s Instant Calm BioAffinity Tonic, I was pretty skeptical about what a toner could do for my skin.  I remembered using my mom’s Clinique 3-step system when I was a teenager and the toner left my face more red and irritated than before.  I was left seriously annoyed! I had tried plain witch hazel, and a couple of high end brands recommended to me by various aestheticians, but they all seemed to either do nothing or to actually make my irritation worse.  

Working at Be Pure, we get to see results in real time - customers who come back raving about results after using products April and the staff have vetted personally.  I decided to give Pai BioAffiinity Tonic a try because even though I don’t have teenage skin anymore, I still easily get redness, sensitivity and irritation.  Everything Pai does is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and the idea of “Instant Calm” appealed to me.  

I couldn’t believe how immediately this toner calmed my skin down.  I spritzed it on the first night after cleansing and was blown away.  “Instant Calm” says it all.  My skin is more even, glowing, soothed than ever before.

I Highly recommend  it for anyone with sensitivity/acne/redness or skin that is just feeling out of whack! 

Pai has a brand focus around understanding sensitive skin, so they are creating skin care that soothes inflammation and redness, so their ingredients are intentionally blended to avoid irritation. 

The Lotus Root Living Water is Rich in Vitamins, Amino Acids and is rich in antioxidants. While the Orange Blossom has a revitalizing and brightening effect on the skin. 

It's something I am grateful to finally have as a part of my skins gentle care ritual. 

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