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Why Clean Beauty?

Author - April Kensington / Founder  

When we look back into the days when there were ads in a Sears catalogue for Arsenic Beauty Cream we feel shock and dismay that anyone would sell such garbage, and that our government would allow it to be advertised for use.

Fast forward to 2019. The FDA still only prohibits 11 total ingredients in cosmetics!

So the question really is - why not clean beauty? Why not chose only products from brands that are working hard to put only safe ingredients in what they create. Why not give your body a break from having to process chemical compounds that really aren't beneficial to it? Why not make it easier on the environment with non-toxic earth friendly products?

When we shop for a new product we look for key words like "natural" "simple" or even "organic" However many of us don't turn the bottle around to look at what is actually in our new product. Companies can also put those claims on their packaging On some of those labels the backside looks like you need a degree in chemistry to know what the ingredients are. And in fact, you almost do to decipher what the ingredients actually do. For the three good ingredients, there are usually 20 that are only there as stabilizers, preservatives, and fillers to make that product last a long time on the shelf before it's sold and almost a lifetime in your bathroom. It seems like a good thing until we begin to scratch the surface of what the side effects of these chemicals are on our health. Let's not forget that we use/wear at least 7-14 different products daily. So if one product has 25 ingredients with let's name those toxic ingredients "dirty" fragrances, preservatives, and stabilizers, then we have a very large toxic soup upon us friends.

Let's flip that picture around to the other option. Clean beauty would imply that the list of ingredients you are looking at are there to help your skin, there are a small amount of ingredients that would preserve the product naturally, but with no harmful to our health chemicals.


So you ask the question - how do I know the difference if I don't have a degree in chemistry and just really don't want to research every single ingredient? Thankfully with a small amount of research and a lot of smart phone scanning you can find the good stuff without a lot of leg work. If you have a smart phone you can download two helpful apps -

THINK DIRTY and EWG Healthy Living to get you on your way.

Another option is the rule "the less ingredients the better." If you can read the ingredients out loud and have a reasonable understanding of where is comes from, it's likely safe. But to help you further we complied a list below to keep in the back of your mind while you shop.

So what are the toxic ingredients? Let's look at the top toxic ingredients that are hiding in our products -










Note that fragrance and parabens should be an automatic trigger to put the product back on the shelf. In truly natural products, Fragrance can come with the * and it might note that the fragrance ingredients are a proprietary blend of essential oils.

It's all about the getting the good stuff, so you can live well & be pure

Take some time tonight with your current products. Write down what you like and what you don't like. Scan each of them with the THINK DIRTY app. Then you can start to sort out what you would like to move on from first.

All of our cells are alive. They are filled with vitality, filled with order, and they reflect the order and vitality of nature. .

Nadine Artemis, Founder of Living Libations


Chapter 1 - The Basics of Skin

Author April Kensington / Basics of Clean Beauty


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